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Have you ever wondered what is the significance of our dreams? All human beings dream. Irrespective of race, religion or country. And yet, each dream is different.

Deep in the South American Amazon, live a few tribes that have mastered the art of interpreting dreams. These indigenous tribes are known as dream cultures. The Achuar is one such tribe. They live in the Amazon forest along either side of the border between Ecuador and Peru. Until a few decades ago they had no contact with the world outside their forest. So a lot of their culture, wisdom and understanding of nature is still a mystery.



The Achuar believe that dreams are a powerful way of interpreting the future. They also have a deep respect for Nature and treat it is a living entity that guides them in the journey of life through signs and dreams. Perhaps that is why the Achuars have been able to live so harmoniously in the Amazon jungles for thousands of years.

As the impact of human society on the environment increases and we move towards an uncertain future, the Achuars have reached out and shared their dreams and visions with us. In the hope that even though all of us have our own individual dreams, but perhaps as a society we can learn to share another dream. A dream of creating a future that is better than our present. A future that is better for everyone, irrespective of race, religion, country or species.

Film by: Nitin Das, Special thanks: Daniel Koupermann
To visit the Achuar or know more about them, check out the web-site of this wonderful organization: Pachamama Alliance
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This film has been made with the monks of Dhangkar Monastery in Spiti, India. No mosquitoes were killed in the making of this film. Film by: Nitin Das, Music: Avinash Baghel, Special thanks: Sunil Chauhan.

Director’s note: The world is warming and the climate is changing, whether we like it or not. And it’s going to impact each one of us in some way or the other. The next time a heat wave hits you or a mosquito bites, think about it.

But change is inevitable and humans have the gift of shaping their own future to a certain extent. The question is, are you willing to take on the responsibility? History has shown that it is common people like you and me that come up with ideas to create a better planet. Just like a small flame that can ignite an entire forest, small actions can have a big impact in transforming our world.

Help us use this film, not just to raise awareness about climate change but also to send life saving mosquito nets to ACT a non-profit working in malaria infested regions of north-east India.

Please subscribe to our site for fables and films from amazing places. Also share this link with a few friends. Spread a little awareness. The world needs it.

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There are 195 countries in the world. Each with it’s own culture and geography. But these are just political boundaries decided by human beings. When it comes to nature, there are no boundaries, just one small planet. And yet the illusion of boundaries forces us to live in conflict and distrust.

Can we take on a simple task of uniting the world through like minded people who care for the planet.
We have recently started a facebook group for our project – ‘Enchanted Lands and Fables’. Here’s the link:


The idea is to have at-least one person representing each country in the world on this group.
1. Please join the group if you haven’t already.
2. Please write your name and country in the discussion tab of the group.
3. Also invite like minded friends from other countries to join this group.

We’ll be updating the total countries represented every monday on this site. There are only 195 countries and facebook has over 500 million users.

Let’s see if we can unite the world.

Unite the world

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The film is a magical tale about a young boy who finds the solution to Global Warming from a monk in the mountains.

The film was shot in the remote ice desert region of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India (Bordering Tibet).The entire cast was from Kaaza, a small town in Spiti Valley. The film was made possible by Spitiecosphere, an NGO based out of Spiti.

The UN environment program picked up this film for their Billion Tree campaign.

The main intention of this film is to spread the message of how fast Global warming is impacting fragile ecosystems. Instead of choosing to spread the message in the form of a documentary, which has limited audience, we chose to make a fairy tale. To present the problem and a possible solution in the form of a fable which would appeal to people across age groups and countries.
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A project that will show you stories, pictures and films from some of the most fascinating places on Earth.

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Many, many miles away from you but perhaps not so far away in time, there exists an elite group of warriors. Their sole purpose in life is to protect the oldest treasure on this planet. They are guardians of the most fascinating places on earth and protectors of the creatures that live in those enchanted lands.

The far away warriors are facing their greatest challenge ever. An enemy so powerful that all of them combined cannot defeat it.  A force mightier than the mountains and stronger than the oceans . Despite their best efforts the treasure is slowly disappearing.

So they have come together and formed a plan and you are reading this because you are a part of it.

To be a part of our adventure  please subscribe to this site. Subscribing to this site shall keep you posted on all the new stories and films that we feature regularly. We hope you will join us because the treasure is as much yours as it is ours.

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Click on an option:
YES – I will save the man
NO – My life is more precious 

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