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Read the fable first, then watch the film:
In the Andes mountains of Ecuador lived two friends, the Cloud and the Forest. They would play with each other, not for hours or days but for weeks that turned into months. One day they had a difference of opinion, which turned into a heated argument that soon became an ego issue. The Clouds decided to move on and Forest decided to focus on growing into newer territories.

Forest Fable

But the animals and birds of the forest very unhappy about this sudden turn of events for their lives depended on the two being together. They thought of a plan to get the two friends back together. The great condor wrote a beautiful apology letter and flew to the Clouds with it saying it was from the Forest. Meanwhile, the anaconda presented a copy of the same letter to the Forest, but signed it in the Cloud’s name. But both the Cloud and the Forest caught on to their trick and scolded them severely.

Seeing their plan fail, the dejected animals and birds prepared to leave the forest and look for another home. That night the forest was very silent. But the next morning everyone was surprised to see the Cloud and Forest back together. Surprised, the Condor, Anaconda and others went and asked the two friends for the reason behind their change of heart. With a smile, the friends explained –
your letters made us realize how well we know each other and also what our friendship means not just to us but also to others around us.

Moral: True friends are hard to find. When you do, hold on to them.

Amazing fact: Only 1% of the global woodland is covered by cloud forests. Climate change and rapid deforestation of the cloud forests is putting the future of many rare birds, animals,insects and plants in grave danger.

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Have you ever wondered what is the significance of our dreams? All human beings dream. Irrespective of race, religion or country. And yet, each dream is different.

Deep in the South American Amazon, live a few tribes that have mastered the art of interpreting dreams. These indigenous tribes are known as dream cultures. The Achuar is one such tribe. They live in the Amazon forest along either side of the border between Ecuador and Peru. Until a few decades ago they had no contact with the world outside their forest. So a lot of their culture, wisdom and understanding of nature is still a mystery.



The Achuar believe that dreams are a powerful way of interpreting the future. They also have a deep respect for Nature and treat it is a living entity that guides them in the journey of life through signs and dreams. Perhaps that is why the Achuars have been able to live so harmoniously in the Amazon jungles for thousands of years.

As the impact of human society on the environment increases and we move towards an uncertain future, the Achuars have reached out and shared their dreams and visions with us. In the hope that even though all of us have our own individual dreams, but perhaps as a society we can learn to share another dream. A dream of creating a future that is better than our present. A future that is better for everyone, irrespective of race, religion, country or species.

Film by: Nitin Das, Special thanks: Daniel Koupermann
To visit the Achuar or know more about them, check out the web-site of this wonderful organization: Pachamama Alliance
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