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Leh was once the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh. Situated high up in the Himalayas in northern India, it lies in an ice desert region. Amidst the cold barren landscape, the town of Leh is an enchanted oasis. Watch this wonderful film from Leh and share the wisdom of this ancient land.

People belonging to different religions, particularly Buddhism and Islam, have been living in harmony in Leh for centuries. They have coexisted since the 8th century and there has been no mention of any conflict between them. Leh also has people belonging to other religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism, who too live in harmony and form a vital part of the society.

But in August 2010, a flash flood caused by heavy rain from a cloud burst created havoc in the small town of Leh. It killed over a hundred people, injured over 500 and destroyed the homes of thousands. The number of weather related incidents is on the rise across the world and the state of our environment is directly linked to the amount of peace on this planet.

When people talk of environment and climate change, most of the talk is full of jargons and heavy words that are difficult to understand. Governments are busy attending conferences around the world, while people on the ground watch in confusion.

Leh, India

While their debates and discussions continue, stories from little places like Leh will go unnoticed and voices of simple folks will go unheard. But perhaps a few people like you will share these stories with the world and together we can move towards building a greener planet and a more peaceful world.

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More than 3.5 million people die each year from water-related disease. The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.
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Mewat is a historical region in northwestern India, that has its origin in the folklore of the Mahabharata. Somehow the economic progress in India has forgotten Mewat in the folds of history. It lies in a semi-arid region and one of the biggest challenges is getting access to clean drinking water.

One Earth Environment Foundation is undertaking a unique campaign to raise funds for providing clean water for a few villages in Mewat. By raising 4000 US$ we shall help Mehmood Khan build a team of ‘water entrepreneurs’. These water entrepreneurs shall be able to provide clean water at an affordable price to a large number of villagers in Mewat.

If you’d like to pitch in, please contribute through any of the following options. No amount is small.

Donate online through your credit /debit card/ paypal or

Send an on-line trasfer / post a cheque.On receiving the funds we shall send you a signed receipt.

*In your contribution please mention subject as: ‘water for mewat’


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Chandra Taal (Moon Lake) – A magical lake deep in the Himalayas that can transport you to the moon if you look into it.

There is a charming legend about the famous, beautiful lakes known as Chandratal and Surajtal in the folklore of Himachal Pradesh (a state in Northern India).

The story goes that the daughter of the moon and the son of the Sun were in love. They wanted to meet, but this was very difficult as the son and moon come into the sky at different times. So, they decided to meet o­n Earth. But their parents came to know about their plan and placed a mountain between them. The two lovers tried to climb over the mountain but it kept getting higher and they could not meet.

However they chose not to return and their great sorrow turned them into lakes of great purity. The Sun and the Moon felt very bad and decided to correct their mistake. That day the Sun shone very brightly, melting the snow on the mountains which filled the lakes. As their water swelled, they gave birth to two mighty rivers – the Chandra and the Bhaga, which flowed around the mountain range. When night fell, the Moon lit up the path of the two rivers and thus finally they were able to meet at a place known as Tandi.

The two lovers are said to be the two lakes we know as Chandratal (Moon Lake) and Surajtal (Sun lake), o­n the two sides of the fearsome Baralacha Pass, in the district of Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh in India.

It is said that the mesmerizing, haunting beauty of the Chandratal is a result of the beauty of the daughter of the moon – who knows? The whole ambience of the lake does seem to be out of this world.

The beauty and taste of crystal clear water, the crown of mountain peaks towering protectively, and yet keeping their distance, the soft, abundant grass, the serenity in the atmosphere, even the air seems to speak of magic.

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