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A Story of Seasons

Every season has it’s story. Some stories are sad, some are fun. Some stories touch you while some make you wonder. Here’s a short story that involves all the four seasons.

Pic by: David Biesack

Fable: There was once a friendly competition between four sisters to judge who was prettiest amongst them. While each sister was exceptionally beautiful, they were all different from each other in nature. Winter, the eldest, was cold and harsh and everyone was afraid of her. Spring was the friendliest and the most popular amongst the four. Summer was warm, but had a mercurial temper. The fourth sister was autumn, who was very shy and generally kept to herself.

Their parents, the Earth and the Sky refused to judge as all daughters were equally beautiful to them. So the daughters went to ask the Sun. The Sun thought for a while and asked them to come to him next day dressed in their finest. Winter dressed in white was impressive but the Sun could not gauge her beauty through the veil of fog. Spring looked lovely in her dress of flowers and bright green leaves and the Sun was impressed. Summer was even better in her revealing dress and seemed to be a clear favourite with the Sun. Autumn was a little hesitant to come out at first, but the other three sisters forced her. When she finally came out in front of the Sun in her amazing colours, he was so shaken up by her beauty that he fell down from his throne.  The crown of gold went to Autumn, and if you happen to catch her at sunset you can see her wearing it with pride.

Moral: The shy and silent are often full of surprises

Fact: The seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis. Sadly, people at the equator only experience one season throughout the year.

Movie: Watch this beautiful video that covers all the four seasons in just 40 seconds.

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Stories about nature series: Li River, China

In the Stories about nature series we are presenting a collection of wonderful stories from around the world that revolve around nature. These stories show the importance and respect given to nature since time immemorial.

Pic by: Flickr/Primeroz

Fable: In ancient China lived an artist whose paintings were almost life-like. The artist’s fame had made him proud and conceited. One day the emperor wanted to get his portrait done so he called all great artists to come and present their finest work, so that he could choose the best. The artist was sure he would be chosen, but when he presented his masterpiece to the emperor’s chief minister, the old man laughed. The wise old man told him to travel to the Li River, perhaps he could learn a little from the greatest artist in the world.

Reduced to tears with anger and curiosity, the artist packed his bags and left to find out this mysterious master. When he asked the villagers on the banks of the river for the whereabouts of the legendary artist, they smiled and pointed down the river. The next morning he hired a boat and set out to find the illustrious painter. As the small boat moved gently along the river he was left speechless by myriad mountains being silently reflected in the water. He passed milky white waterfalls and mountains in many shades of blue. And when he saw the mists rising from the river and merging with the soft clouds surrounding the peaks, he was reduced to tears. The artist was finally humbled by the greatest artist on earth, Mother Nature.

Moral: We have a lot to learn from Nature, the most important thing being humility.

Amazing fact: The Li River originates in the Mao’er Mountains in Xing’an County in China. Along the 100-kilometer stretch of the Li River, there are beautiful mountain peaks. It is one of China’s most famous scenic areas, featured in many scroll paintings.
stories about nature
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A fable from the arctic circle.

Santa_Claus_Santa_Claus“Santa Claus, Santa Claus”, shouted the kids. Kids of all shapes and sizes. Kids with running noses and kids with missing teeth. Excited kids with over excited parents. A sea of shouting children had gathered outside Santa’s house and were squealing for his attention. Poor Santa Claus quivered inside his little home. Unable to bear the noise, Santa escaped through the chimney and decided to look for a new home, far far away from the city.

His needs were simple. All he wanted was some peace and quiet. He flew around the world searching for the perfect place and finally decided to settle down in the middle of a desert. Things were great for a while. There was not a soul around except for the occasional lizard and the curious vultures. A few months later, the loneliness began to get to him. So he decided to move home again. Santa flew down to the little known island in the middle of the ocean and set up a shack by the silver beaches under the swaying coconut trees. Life was great, until the passing sailors spread news about his location. Soon his house was surrounded. Tourists with their wish-lists and tribals with their souvenirs created a carnival outside his house. Sadly, Santa had to sail away again.

Christmas TreeHe reached the freezing North pole. A land of ice and snow, where few men ventured. Santa was cold and tired and his nose was frozen but he had nowhere else to go. A group of merry elves chanced upon the brooding Santa. Soon a crackling fire was burning and amidst the sharing of secrets and stories, someone took out a fiddle and began to play. The stars were twinkling as the reindeers came out to join the circle dancing. Through the night one could hear the music of the elves and the booming laughter of Santa Claus.

The next morning, Santa was getting ready to leave, but the little elves held on to his hands and pleaded with him to stay for one more day. Years have passed, but if you venture near the north pole, you may still experience the magic of Santa Claus and the elves. For this icy landscape of the arctic circle is a place that Santa now calls home.

Moral:  Wonderful friends create a wonderful life. This Christmas, take time out to connect with friends who make your life wonderful.

Amazing fact: The arctic circle is a magical land of many wonders which include the Northern lights and the nightless night in summer. In winter, the temperature can go as low as -40 degrees. And yet it is home to the Inuit people who have lived their for centuries.


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Smoo Cave is a large combined sea cave and freshwater cave in Durness, Scotland.

Photo by 1969lucy @flickr

Fable:  Lord Reay of Scotland had encountered the Devil many times, but had always got the better of him, until one day when the Devil, in an attempt to snatch his soul, stole his shadow. For weeks, Lord Reay searched for his shadow in various caves he knew the Devil frequented. He was careful not to enter the caves after the sun had set, as in the darkness, he would be powerless against the Devil. Eventually, he approached Smoo Cave. It was just before dawn, so he thought he would be safe. Lord Reay was exploring the inner cavern, when his dog ran into the second cavern, but immediately returned, howling and hairless.

Lord Reay instantly realized that the Devil had him cornered in the cavern, and lay waiting for him so as to claim his soul. He knew he wouldn’t be able to outrun the Devil in the darkness off the cavern. He took a moment to compose himself and accept his fate, and had only just stepped into the opening of the second cavern, when the first rays of sunlight filtered in, and a rooster crowed, heralding a new dawn. The Devil and the three witches with him knew they would be weakened by the daylight and blasted through the roof in an effort to escape. The fury of the devil melted the snow that lay above the roof, causing water to pour down into the cave. To this day, the waterfall remains in Smoo Cave.

Fact:  The name ‘Smoo’ comes from the Norse word ‘Sumvya’, meaning creek or cleft. The cave is quite unique, as it has three distinct sections that developed independently of each other. The 20 meter high waterfall is formed by an abrupt drop in the Allt Smoo River, through what is essentially a sink hole in the roof of the cave.

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