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A Story of Seasons

Every season has it’s story. Some stories are sad, some are fun. Some stories touch you while some make you wonder. Here’s a short story that involves all the four seasons.

Pic by: David Biesack

Fable: There was once a friendly competition between four sisters to judge who was prettiest amongst them. While each sister was exceptionally beautiful, they were all different from each other in nature. Winter, the eldest, was cold and harsh and everyone was afraid of her. Spring was the friendliest and the most popular amongst the four. Summer was warm, but had a mercurial temper. The fourth sister was autumn, who was very shy and generally kept to herself.

Their parents, the Earth and the Sky refused to judge as all daughters were equally beautiful to them. So the daughters went to ask the Sun. The Sun thought for a while and asked them to come to him next day dressed in their finest. Winter dressed in white was impressive but the Sun could not gauge her beauty through the veil of fog. Spring looked lovely in her dress of flowers and bright green leaves and the Sun was impressed. Summer was even better in her revealing dress and seemed to be a clear favourite with the Sun. Autumn was a little hesitant to come out at first, but the other three sisters forced her. When she finally came out in front of the Sun in her amazing colours, he was so shaken up by her beauty that he fell down from his throne.  The crown of gold went to Autumn, and if you happen to catch her at sunset you can see her wearing it with pride.

Moral: The shy and silent are often full of surprises

Fact:┬áThe seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis. Sadly, people at the equator only experience one season throughout the year.

Movie: Watch this beautiful video that covers all the four seasons in just 40 seconds.

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Do you know of any more stories about the seasons? Send us a note if you do. Watch out for our story-telling competition with exciting prizes.


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